Washington, DC Real Estate

Washington DC Real Estate can be a seriously daunting subject, and may even push off the act of buying a home for some homeowners. Washington D.C. is the fifth most expensive city in the United States, after all. Many sources state that if you earn about $60,000 per year it is possible to purchase Washington DC Real Estate and live in a comfortable manner in the nation’s capital.

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Take advantage of the free entertainment

The District of Columbia seems to constantly have some sort of free entertainment or cultural event going on. The Church of the Epiphany offers free concerts every Tuesday at lunch time featuring a variety of artists for a donation.

BloomBars offers weekly independent movie review nights on a weekly basis.

There are numerous festivals, many street performers, and more.

Use the available public transit and ride-share options

The Metro is one of the cleanest public transit systems in the country. It links all of the government buildings and all of the most needed locations throughout the greater D.C. area. It includes a subway system and bus transportation.

With options like Uber and Lyft now available, affordable options abound to get where you want to go in the greater D.C. area, without owning or using your own vehicle. You could even be an Uber or Lyft driver if you do own your own vehicle.

Do not forget walking. Walking is a healthy way to get around. Washington D.C. holds most of its attractions in a small area. Walking seems to be a preferred mode of travel.

Stick to a budget

Every source involving life in the nation’s capital suggests being adamant about setting up and sticking to a budget. It can be too easy to let your expenses run rampant with entertainment and transportation expenses.

It may take some time to get used to making a trip to a budget conscious store, but well worth the effort.

Enjoy the surroundings

Just when you think you cannot stand the area, you’ll notice the cherry blossoms in the spring. Smell their sweet fragrance. Take in the vision of the Potomac. You’ll notice the diversity which abounds from every nook and cranny of the city. The rich Americana architecture makes you feel the history in the air. This makes it all worthwhile. You are living in a place where it is possible to see those individuals you may otherwise only see on CNN or FOX or MSNBC. When living in D.C., you are living in the location of the movers and shakers of America. This is what motivates people to call the District home. This is what prompts them to settle down and purchase Washington DC Real Estate.