Professional Video Tours

Generate Up To 70% More Buyer Interest In Your Home Listing
Have a professional video tour done to reel in prospective buyers

Statistics show that if you have a video tour of your property included on your listing, you’re slated to generate up to 70% more buyer interest and activity than a home that doesn’t.

Think about that; 70% more would mean getting nearly twice as many calls, inquiries and tours for your property. That means that you’d find a buyer nearly twice as fast, and more than likely one who’s willing to give you just what you’re asking.

Here at the CAZA Group, we capitalize on this by creating video tours for ALL of our listings (no matter the price-point). That means that more people will be interested in your home, and you’ll end up finding a buyer even faster. You really can’t go wrong with that.

Having a video tour on your home listing will soon be standard for many other home realtor sites. However, we know just how much better it is to have one, so our company has preempted the situation and is now giving you the opportunity to have one included on your property listing!

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