Home Improvements That Pay Off

Home Improvements That Pay Off

Remodeling and renovation jobs in your home are great for a number reasons. However when it comes to resale, some renovations will help sell your house faster and are well worth the financial investment while others are not. . When trying to sell, it’s obvious you need all the profit you can get to facilitate your move into a new home or for personal reasons.

You want to get back everything you put in when making renovations for resale. Hence, as a rule of thumb, it’s important that you don’t consider expensive upgrades if you want to sell your house and sell fast. Consider upkeep instead. Many realtors will agree that a simple refinishing job on hardwood floors will add to your home’s value.

According to ‘remodeling 2015 cost versus value report, three renovations actually offer the best return on investment. They are entry door replacements using steel doors, garage door replacements and deck addition for hardwood floors. These renovations would actually be worth your time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the best home renovations for resale.

  1. Entry Door Replacements: Replacing wooden doors with steel doors adds charm to the entire house. No other best home renovations for resale project will improve the overall aesthetic of your home with little cost. A good steel front door creates a great first impression. Even if someone isn’t entering your home, they are attracted by the beauty of your door.
  2. Wooden Deck Addition: Installing wooden floors is a project that will help your home sell better and you get back your money. It returns 101% according to the ‘remodeling 2015 cost versus value report. However, recently, attention is being draw to the high formaldehyde and off-gassing in some woods. So, it’s important you choose hardwood floors over engineered products. If you’re going for engineered products, have an expert on your side to know what’s behind each of your options.
  3. New Garage Doors: This project returns 110% according to the report. A garage door is the “nose on the face of your home” says David Pekel, president and CEO of Milwaukee-based Pekel Construction & Remodeling. New garage doors have a high aesthetic impact on your home. One style that is hot right now are carriage style doors which gives the appearance of hand-made doors. Another trend is the door made with more windows.
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