5 Hurdles to Buying a Home

Despite steadily improving local job markets and historically low mortgage rates, the U.S. homeownership rate is stuck near a 50-year low because of a perverse mix of affordability challenges, student loan debt, tight credit conditions and housing supply shortages….

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8 Mortgage Pre-Approval Killers

If you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage you’re likely feeling pretty good about yourself – pre-approval is the first hurdle in successfully buying a new home! Don’t let your guard down just yet. To maintain your pre-approval status and keep your lender happy, you’ll need to stay on top of your finances to ensure everything runs smoothly….

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Home Staging Can Help Sell Home for More

Most homeowners know it is important to keep a home clean, bright and free from clutter while it is on the market for sale. But sometimes, Realtors® say, taking the extra step to stage a home can make a difference in how a buyer values it and the price a seller might get for it, according to the National Association of Realtors® …

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6 Essential Homebuyer Tips

The Internet is awash with short and incomplete lists of tips for homebuyers. For the many Americans unfamiliar with the home-buying process, trying to determine which tips to focus on could be confusing. Upon reading these lists, aspiring homebuyers must ask themselves, “Are these tips that industry experts would actually recommend, and are they worth spending my valuable time on?”…

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6 Home Turn-Offs You Should Avoid

Are you bothered that you are getting house viewings but no offers are coming in? It may be because of that creepy smell coming from the kitchen. GoCompare.com, a mortgage company, recently conducted a survey that showed that not only shoddy home repairs, but also tiny rooms, poor lighting, and clutter will send buyers screaming away….

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Home Improvements That Pay Off

Remodeling and renovation jobs in your home are great for a number reasons. However when it comes to resale, some renovations will help sell your house faster and are well worth the financial investment while others are not. . When trying to sell, it’s obvious you need all the profit you can get to facilitate your move into a new home or for personal reasons….

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