Arlington Real Estate

If you’re looking for a place to live near the capital, Arlington, VA is one of the best communities in the area. They have a stable housing market as well as low crime rates. Many people buy Arlington real estate because of those reasons, but they stay for the sense of a suburban setting amid much of the things that make city living so great.

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Park and Trails for the Family
The city has many parks for the entire family to visit. Mount Vernon Trail is a terrific outdoor space for running or biking. The entire family can enjoy riding their bikes as they follow the trail to the various memorials like the Jefferson Memorial or places like the Arlington National Cemetery where John F. Kennedy is buried.

If you’d like to spend time in pursuit of other outdoor activities, there are many parks and recreations spots like Doctor’s Run Playground. This outdoor space has a cute playground with slides and swings for children. Those who invest in Arlington real estate can also have a volleyball court and an area for outdoor grilling. There’s also a paved trail for a variety of activities like biking.

Commute to D. C.
Whether you want to ride a bike to lower your environmental impact on the city or take the Metro subway system, the commute to D. C. is less than 30 minutes from Arlington. Over a thousand people will ride their bikes across the cities bridges to venture into the capital. This is one of the biggest reasons for someone to invest in Arlington real estate. Those working in D. C will find that they are very close to work while being insulated from crime and other factors.

Unique Theater
For those who love dining before going to the theater, Arlington has diverse restaurants to suit every taste. They are owned by people living in the community, which has diverse residents from over 140 countries. The Synetic Theater is a unique venue with a signature cinematic style that isn’t seen in any other production company. They’ve put on mixed media productions of The Tempest where they flooded the stage to create a layer of realism to the show.

Interesting History
One of the most prominent advantages of living in Arlington is access to the interesting history of the U. S., which is seen in the Pentagon and the DEA Museum. Visitors can take a tour of the Pentagon as well as the DEA Museum to see the history of drug use and the country’s reaction to the threat.

The area of Arlington, VA is filled with young families who have settled into the community for its sense of suburban quiet while having a bustling life that is reminiscent of big cities. The public parks and recreational areas are enjoyed by many families in the city.