• Rob Chevez
  • I’m married and a have a little girl that is not so little anymore. I love hot sauce, Pho and the spirit of the entrepreneur. I am still a little kid at heart and I love a good practical joke. We have a little Chihuahua named Lucky who thinks he’s the size of a Great Dane. I wrestled for American University and I believe that hard work and creativity can solve just about anything. I grew up in a Foreign Service family and I was lucky enough to live in awesome countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Australia and Jamaica before settling down in the US.
    My Favorite Sale
    My favorite sale would of course be yours. I envision a strong team effort to get your property on the market, not as soon as possible, but as soon as its ready and its time. Our real estate marketing team is one of the best in Virginia and know when the perfect property, such as yours, will be the one buyers, or sellers, flock to.
    My Highest Accomplishment
    I launched The CAZA Team of Keller Williams to help buyers and sellers make smarter real estate decisions that impact their bottom line with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.
    My Work Process
    After looking at thousands of houses I can now look at a home and help a seller come up with a strategy based on their goals to help them “NET” the most money possible. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I see sellers and agents making bad decisions that will only lead to a poor outcome for the seller.
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