Rob Chevez

Hi – I’m Rob, and I wanted to share a couple of things about me. I’m married and a have a little girl that is not so little anymore. I love hot sauce, Pho and the spirit of the entrepreneur. I am still a little kid at heart and I love a good practical joke. We have a little Chihuahua named Lucky who thinks he’s the size of a Great Dane. I wrestled for American University and I believe that hard work and creativity can solve just about anything. I grew up in a Foreign Service family and I was lucky enough to live in awesome countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Australia and Jamaica before settling down in the US.

My wife and I have been buying and selling real estate since 1999. We cut our teeth by buying a little townhouse in Merrifield, VA which later became our first rental. Over the last 14 years we have personally bought and sold close to 50 properties and our real estate team has helped hundreds of families buy and sell real estate the smarter way. We love real estate!

I guess my specialty is helping sellers make more money when they sell their home. After looking at thousands of houses I can now look at a home and help a seller come up with a strategy based on their goals to help them “NET” the most money possible. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I see sellers and agents making bad decisions that will only lead to a poor outcome for the seller.

I launched CAZA of Keller Williams to help buyers and sellers make smarter real estate decisions that impact their bottom line with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Matt Megel

Hello all, my name is Matt Megel (Matthew Leo Larin Megel to be exact….Having 4 names is a source of pride for me) and I believe this is where I tell everyone how “certified” I am. First of all I feel like I need to come clean and admit that I don’t like Rob’s dog Lucky. Ok now that I got that off my chest, lets begin.

I’m from D.C. (Literally born inside the city limits, another source of pride) and have lived here my entire life. I am a sports enthusiast so when you combine those two together you get a huge D.C. Sports Fan. I bleed burgundy and gold so feel free to pray for me, it has been a tough 20+ years. I am married to my best friend Beth, she is our team as well (see below) we have two beautiful girls so normally it is me and a bunch of ladies. I speak fluent Spanish. I lived in Valencia Spain with the sole purpose of acquiring this ability; unsurprisingly this was one of the greatest times in my life. Like Rob I too love hot sauce and put it on virtually everything.

Professionally I have worked in Finance/Sales for a number of different companies before finding my true professional calling in real estate. I was convinced to get my license by a friend and have never looked back. My area of expertise is helping every kind of person purchase the right home at the right price while minimizing the stress along the way. I love the thrill of the hunt and am a born negotiator. Skills that I believe have contributed greatly to me succeeding in real estate.

When I started with CAZA it was just Rob and I, and admittedly I was a “noob”. Being in the top 1% of all real estate teams in the country, we have come a long way, but there certainly is more to be done. Namely, TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!

Beth Megel

Hey guys! My name is Beth Megel.

I am originally from Milan, Tennessee. I am married to Matt, the lead buyers agent and like he said, we have two seriously cute little girls. It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to be a stay at home momma. Couple that with my passion to help people buy the home of their dreams, and you have my life! I started working with CAZA about 3 years ago.

I watch HGTV for fun and absolutely LOVE helping people accomplish their goals through buying and selling real estate. My role is in the background, but chances are, if you have worked at all with the agents on this team, our paths have crossed in one way or another.

My area of expertise is helping our buyers and sellers by assuring a smooth transaction when by coordinating settlements and serving as a liaison between our clients and all other parties of the real estate transaction.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University that says I am qualified to own a photography business, which I do for fun outside of my work with the team. I take photos of family and friends and people pay me to do it!

Victoria Dodge

Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Dodge and I’m the Client Service Specialist here at CAZA. In keeping with the theme, the jury is still out on Rob’s dog Lucky, I’m not overly fond of hot sauce, I also bleed burgundy and gold, and I am absolutely over the moon about the Chevez and Megel families!!! Having a large family of my own – a phenomenal husband and 5…that’s right, 5…children ranging from middle school down to pre-school, the value of strong relationships with people moving the needle forward every day is paramount!!

My role on the team is to be the first responder to all inquiries you as a potential buyer or seller have. I’m sort of the CAZA evangelist! It’s my job to help you determine what your goals are, as they pertain to Real Estate, and connect you with the tools and resources we have to get you what you want. Buying and selling a home is a huge financial investment, and I want to help everyone who comes in contact with our team have the best experience and outcome possible!

I grew up in the Valley of West Virginia until I went to college at Mary Baldwin College in Central Virginia where I majored in Marketing and Communications. There, I met my husband who graduated from Virginia Military Institute and we settled into the Burke area of Northern Virginia to start our family. I joined the CAZA about 4 years ago after knowing both the Chevez and Megel families for over 10 years!

Colette Releford

Hello, my name is Colette Releford. My career spans more than 20 years in Training, Management, Business Writing and Professional Consulting. My experience involves working in a variety of industries including Industrial, Hardware, Software, Professional Services, Real Estate and Construction. My strengths include a detailed understanding of sales and marketing systems and how they interact with other divisions in small to medium sized companies. I am also skilled in the area of documenting critical processes in order to facilitate growth, efficiency and solve problems.

Personally I grew up (Go Gaithersburg High Trojans) and still live in Montgomery County, MD so I know Maryland well and have seen it really grow and change. I believe life is a journey and adventure. So I am always trying new things. Recently I have joined an African drum circle and started running. I also enjoy cooking, travel, volunteering, golf, theatre and watching football. I believe strong communities are important so I serve on several local boards.

As a listing agent, I am a business professional committed to helping people. I hold a BA in Communication with a minor in Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh as well as a MBA and MS in E-Commerce from UMUC. I believe integrity and trust are the foundation for how you do business. “Treat people as you want to be treated.”

Dave Zimmerman

Hi Folks! I’m Dave Zimmerman. Like Rob, I wrestled in college too. My years on the mat were at Iowa State University, which is a bit further west than American U. Our dogs out there in the mid-west are also way bigger than Rob’s dog, Lucky. As for hot sauce, well let’s just say, there’s no place for that on a sizzling steak prepared from Iowa corn-fed beef.

My wife Denna and I have lived in Northern Virginia for the better part of 3 decades. We have two great kids who are off pursuing their higher education. One is a Film Actor and the other is in Public Policy…Hmmmm, we’ll have to see how that all turns out.

I have always been enthralled by the real estate business. Ever since I bought my first investment property over 25 years ago, I’ve been hooked on turning property into a valuable asset. Now, combining the negotiating skills I’ve honed from the high tech industry with the real estate skills I’ve perfected over the years, I help my clients sell their homes for the absolute most money possible by giving them expert advice on how best to accentuate the positive aspects of their homes – what to renovate to return the most money and what to leave for the next owner.

As CAZA’s lead listing agent, I can’t wait to see your home and help you realize your real estate dreams. Expert counsel and an excellent strategy are at the heart of what we provide for you as our clients. Maximizing the return on what is for most people their largest asset, is what we do best and we can do that for you.

Ann Storck

Hello I’m Ann and am I am thrilled to join such an awesome group as the CAZA Group. Why did I choose the CAZA Group? I did so simply because they are the most innovative real estate team in the DC metro area and if I’m going to devote myself to selling real estate I want to do it with the best.

I’m originally from Ohio (go Buckeyes) and have lived in the DC metro area for over 20 years with my husband Eric and our three super kids. Originally I came to DC to work at the State Department. Tennis is my favorite sport but I pretty much love all sports! I also lived in Arizona (where it is really hot) to attend graduate school in international business at Thunderbird (go T-birds).

Now our family owns Blade Runners, Inc. a landscape company in Fairfax. I decided to go into real estate because my husband and I own several pieces of real estate including residential rentals, a beach home and several commercial properties – you name it we’ve owned it!

We love living in the Vienna/Oakton area and are very involved with our local schools, Vienna sports, our church and the Vienna Community Theater (where Eric loves to act). We feel that real estate goes hand in hand with our involvement with the community and our commitment to making this wonderful area a place we are proud to call home.

Cultures from around the world have always fascinated me ever since I was a Rotary exchange student in Ecuador. Currently I share my passion for helping people by volunteering as an ESOL (English as a Second Language) teacher with the Vienna Presbyterian Church. I also speak fluent Spanish which I use whenever possible.

Nikki Lagouros-Davis

Hi, I’m Nikki Lagouros-Davis.  Apparently I am only “verified”, considering I have 3 names versus Matt’s whopping 4 names making him the certified “G”.  I was raised in New Orleans, LA and Pensacola, FL, but I’m no Southern Belle, I am Greek actually.  Which means I am used to extraordinary food that requires zero use of hot sauce.

Before joining CAZA, I was the #1 sales rep for several reputable new homebuilders and sold over $100 million in real estate.  However, after viewing one Bloopers Video of the CAZA Squad, I decided to leave all behind and go all the way up.

Some of my favorite things in life are my 2 gorgeous girls Dorian and Bella.  My husband Brad, who is also a VMI grad.  LSU Football, GEAUX Tigers.  WWE wrestling, c’mon boys we know that is the only “real” wrestling.  Oh and my midget cat Billy, who I am pretty sure could take out Lucky in one swoop.

My goals here at CAZA are joining Matt in total world domination and recording a new rap song with Othman in which 2 Chainz makes a cameo.