7th Level Open House System

We Pull Out All The Stops

Our proven 7th Level Open House System will definitely get you a buyer

Not many real estate agents know this, but there’s a lot more involved in a successful open house than just placing a sign in the yard and welcoming people at the door when they enter the home. That’s what sets the CAZA Group apart from all the other real estate agents in Virginia.

We’ve Spent The Time To Develop An Innovative System

It’s called the 7th Level Open House System, and it’s utilized to ensure that your home gains maximum exposure and interest during your open house. Each aspect of our system has been proven to work, based on our experience in the market.

What Does This Entail?

  1. Custom creative sign placed in the yard of the property
  2. Signs with balloons and riders placed nearby
  3. Directional signs at all key intersection with balloons and riders
  4. Email invites to selected persons and website postings
  5. Invitations to neighbors to help fuel word of mouth
  6. Phone calls are made on the day of the event to remind all those interested
  7. Follow up and feedback from all those who attended

All of this, coupled with trained professionals who know how to host a stellar open house makes for a guaranteed increase in interest in your property! We pull out all the stops to ensure that your open house is a massive success Our proven 7th Level Open House System will definitely get you a buyer. It’s the least you deserve!